Healthy Morning Rituals

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I was recently asked about my healthy morning rituals and I wanted to share my tips here. Starting your morning off with healthy practices lays a great foundation for a healthy day!

1) Oil pulling

I keep a jar of unrefined coconut oil and a spoon in the bathroom closet. Every morning I put about 1/2-1 tablespoon of the oil in my mouth and move it around for ten to twenty minutes. I know this sounds like an incredibly long time, but you get used to it and it provides some quiet time while I body brush, shower and begin getting ready. By getting rid of the nasty bacteria in your mouth (which causes that early morning bad breath) you get a lot of benefits, such as reducing candida overgrowth,  boosting immunity and whitening your teeth. The Chalkboard and Margaret at Eat Naked are two great resources if you want to learn more. Just remember, don’t swallow it! Spit it out in the garbage and scrape your tongue.

2) Body Brushing

Before hopping in the shower I run a body brush over my dry skin in quick, short strokes starting at my feet and working my way up, always moving towards the heart. This process energizes the body and boosts circulation and helps in the body’s natural elimination process since our skin is our largest organ. I pay special attention to my thighs as this technique is supposed to help banish cellulite!

3) Hot Water with Lemon

I pour boiling water over the juice of half a lemon and then add enough cool water to bring it down to a hot but drinkable temperature. This drink stimulates the liver and helps the body’s natural detoxification process. My holistic nutritionist, Beth Woodard says it’s a shower for your insides and resets your body so you can start from a healthy, more alkaline state.

4) Meditation

I practice Vedic meditation. This practice is done twenty minutes a day, twice a day. This is what I strive for but unfortunately sometimes I miss it. We have less control of our schedule as it moves forward and things come up, so I make a point to do the morning meditation, knowing that this way if I miss the afternoon one, at least I got one meditation in. I sit quietly for fifteen to twenty minutes with my back supported and I effortlessly repeat my mantra. Learning to meditate and learning more about the Vedic worldview (I go to a Sunday meditation group led by Jeff Kober) has greatly improved my quality of life and I would recommend it to anyone. If you want to learn more you can go to www.jeffkobermediation.com. Headspace is also a great resource for learning mindfulness meditation, complete with an app for your phone.


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