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After reading a great post by Eat Naked Now on eleven ways to make your own deodorant, I decided to give it a try. I’ve been using natural deodorant for awhile now and after unsuccessfully trying a few brands, I’ve come to love the cream deodorant from Soapwalla. While I think it is well worth it, I must admit that at $14 a jar it does run a bit pricey. Plus I pride myself on my pioneering ways and love a good DIY!

I chose the recipe from Thank Your Body, which uses coconut oil, arrowroot powder, baking soda and essential oils. I was out of arrowroot so I used some old cornstarch but I recommend the arrowroot powder since corn is surely genetically modified unless listed as organic…does organic cornstarch exist? For essential oils, I used about ten drops of sweet orange and ten drops of tea tree oil. I think using tea tree is a good idea because it is antibacterial which is useful when it comes to deodorant, but you could get creative with the scent.

In a past attempt at homemade deodorant I used melted coconut oil but had greater success this time keeping it soft (if it is rock hard just warm it in a small oven-safe  dish in the oven briefly) and using a fork to work the dry ingredients in, followed by the oils. I found this left me with a better texture and the end product has been easy to apply. I keep it in a small glass tupperware container but the Container Store would have a plethora of fun options.

So far it seems to be working and hasn’t caused any irritation so I highly recommend you give your own batch a try.


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