Tiffany Stacey

Tiffany Stacey is the owner of Hummingbird Pilates, a full-service Pilates studio in Beverly Hills, California. After graduating from CalArts with a BFA in dance in 2009, she studied with the Pilates Technique and received her certification with in the same year.

As an athlete, Tiffany has always understood the importance of classical training. She was first drawn to the classic method for its deep condition and discipline. She admires the combination of stretch, strength and control to create perfect balance and stability of the person. The strength she built in pilates was a game changer to her performance ability and she was hooked for life.

Through lessons and workshops Tiffany has dedicated her time to work with various Masters of the authentic work. She has made it a huge priority to never stop learning and training. She has mainly continued to refine and expand her skills of the classic repertoire under the mentorship of world renowned trainer, Chris Robinson.

As a trainer, Tiffany understands its not just about body awareness but how to communicate and connect with your client to help them learn the work for themselves. Every body is different and may work with different limitations. It always important to understand your client and help them feel comfortable and safe in the work. Through a disciplined routine she will help you reach any goal whether you’re are beginner, recovering from an injury, or longtime athlete. She will ask you to give it your all, kick your butt and finish every session feeling strong and energized!


Meet Our Instructors

Christina Morrell
Pilates Instructor
Christina received her comprehensive and prenatal certifications from CORE Pilates NYC and Bella Bellies. Her workouts are classically based and influenced by her experience in musical theater and athletics.

Asayo Yi
Pilates Instructor
Asayo studied with Marie-Jose Blom and is certified through Long Beach Dance Conditioning. She enjoys sharing her love of movement with clients of all ages and fitness levels, including those with physical limitations and injuries. Asayo continues to further her education in both contemporary and classical Pilates to meet the demands of a variety of clients.


Annie Lynch
Pilates Instructor
Annie Lynch has her B.A. in Kinesiology/Arts from CSULB and has been teaching the Pilates method for 10 years. Her keen eye will focus on fixing your bodies imbalances and improvement of overall mechanics.


Sara Zuboff
Yoga Instructor
Sara Zuboff is a certified yoga instructor, massage therapist, wellness coach and health writer. She specializes in making yoga accessible to every body and skill level. When she’s not working, she enjoys crafting vegan treats for her family.


Kara Wily
Pilates Instructor
Kara Wily, PMA Certified Instructor, studied Pilates with Romana Kryzanowska, on scholarship at Alvin Ailey American Dance Center and at Columbia University. In 2009 she starred in “Pilates FIt and Tone” from Element, an Anchor Bay Entertainment company. She teaches Pilates and trains Pilates teachers.


Diana Travis
Pilates Instructor
Diana is a classically trained instructor who has a true passion for teaching. She would love to take you on a journey toward complete coordination of mind, body, and spirit.