Abey Scaglione

Abey Scaglione is the owner of Hummingbird Pilates, a full-service Pilates studio in Beverly Hills, California. Originally from Canada, Abey moved to California in 2005 after completing a degree in Psychology at Acadia University. She opened Hummingbird Pilates in 2013, in order to bring the classical method of Pilates to Beverly Hills. For Abey, Pilates is not only a challenging workout that leads to significant improvements in the body, it is the cornerstone of a much larger approach to health and wellness.
Abey completed her Pilates training at John Garey Pilates in Long Beach, CA (2006). She then received a second teaching certificate through Power Pilates (2008), and earned her third certification with Pilates Method Alliance (2010). Although Abey has been teaching Pilates since 2006, she believes it is important for instructors to keep up their practice and stay engaged in the learning process. Abey continues to train with classical Pilates teachers Karen Frischmann, Alisa Wyatt and Kara Wily, as well as take workshops with renown, first generation Pilates master, Jay Grimes.
She is passionate about whole-food nutrition and loves spending time with her husband and their son. Because Pilates was such a wonderful, healthy part of her own pregnancy, Abey loves working with prenatal women and helping them enjoy their pregnancy.


Meet Our Instructors

Christina Morrell
Pilates Instructor
Christina received her comprehensive and prenatal certifications from CORE Pilates NYC and Bella Bellies. Her workouts are classically based and influenced by her experience in musical theater and athletics.

Tiffany Stacey
Pilates Instructor
A classically trained instructor, Tiffany studied under Jill Cassidy & Nancy Preimesberger at Pilates Technique 5 years ago after graduating from CalArts with a BFA in dance. Her study of movement & anatomy give her the awareness to work with any age group, gender or even assist to rehab an injury.


Annie Lynch
Pilates Instructor
Annie Lynch has her B.A. in Kinesiology/Arts from CSULB and has been teaching the Pilates method for 10 years. Her keen eye will focus on fixing your bodies imbalances and improvement of overall mechanics.


Sara Zuboff
Yoga Instructor
Sara Zuboff is a certified yoga instructor, massage therapist, wellness coach and health writer. She specializes in making yoga accessible to every body and skill level. When she’s not working, she enjoys crafting vegan treats for her family.


Kara Wily
Pilates Instructor
Kara Wily, PMA Certified Instructor, studied Pilates with Romana Kryzanowska, on scholarship at Alvin Ailey American Dance Center and at Columbia University. In 2009 she starred in “Pilates FIt and Tone” from Element, an Anchor Bay Entertainment company. She teaches Pilates and trains Pilates teachers.


Diana Travis
Pilates Instructor
Diana is a classically trained instructor who has a true passion for teaching. She would love to take you on a journey toward complete coordination of mind, body, and spirit.


Lauren Kokenes
Pilates Instructor


Christi Simon
Pilates Instructor
Originally from NY, Christi is a former dancer and classically trained instructor with experience teaching all ages and levels. Following knee surgery for a torn ACL, she turned to Pilates to supplement and amplify her rehabilitation which allowed her to make a swift comeback from injury. She is excited to give back to the community by sharing her passion for movement and helping others realize their full physical potential through this wonderful method.


Claire Schulz
Pilates Instructor
An athlete, with a passion for movement, Claire became a classically trained, 3rd Generation Pilates Instructor in 2015. She is certified thru the Pilates Method Alliance, and also by The Center for Women’s Fitness as a Pre & Post-Natal Specialist.


Asayo Yi
Pilates Instructor
Asayo studied with Marie-Jose Blom and is certified through Long Beach Dance Conditioning. She enjoys sharing her love of movement with clients of all ages and fitness levels, including those with physical limitations and injuries. Asayo continues to further her education in both contemporary and classical Pilates to meet the demands of a variety of clients.