Interview With Lifeforce Chocolate Owner Chrissy Lucia

Chrissy Lucia is my Topanga neighbor and the owner of Lifeforce Chocolate, a fantastic company that I recently raved about on the blog. It’s so good! You can now buy her high quality chocolate bars at Hummingbird Pilates!

Please tell us about your business:

Lifeforce Chocolate is a raw vegan organic superfood chocolate business. The 5 flavours are Tonic Jing, Amazon Power, Cool Mint, Superfood Berry, Almond & Sea Salt. It’s currently sold in stores around LA, & is expanding in to surrounding areas, the Bay  & New York.

What inspired you to start your business?

It started with discovering raw chocolate & the raw food lifestyle when I was still living in London, England, about 7 years ago. I was spending a lot of money on the raw chocolate brands on the UK market & soon decided to try to make my own with my preferences, like no agave & flavour & ingredient combinations I wanted. I shared it with friends & work, everyone loved it & they soon started placing orders & it grew organically from there, without a plan of it actually being a ‘business’.

Do you adhere to any diet or food philosophy to stay in shape?

I’m blessed to have always been slim & have actually struggled to put on weight my whole life, so I don’t worry about staying in shape in terms of calorie consumption & dieting, but high quality healthy food is really important to me. Almost everything I eat is organic, I’ve been gluten free for 10 years & dairy doesn’t agree with me since my teens, so that automatically makes for a pretty clean diet. After years of being vegetarian, macrobiotic, vegan, or raw vegan, I’ve found a really good balance between them all & have added animal products that I now regularly enjoy.

Do you have any useful home remedies or DIY projects you can share?

My mum always did hot steam inhalations with essential oils for her frequent colds & coughs, those work well for me to prevent the occasional sniffles from progressing. You have to have your face over the hot water & oil bowl with a towel over your head.

What is a great book you would recommend?

It’s hard to choose one from the many health, nutrition & psychology books that I always gravitate towards, so I’m going to say The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. I adored it from the first time my mum read me it when I was a child & have read it over 10 times since. I love how it can just be a timeless amazing children’s book & at the same time profound social criticism, the observations of the strangeness of the adult world & human nature. It has so much hidden meaning, such as the fox’s philosophical comments.

What’s one of your favorite websites to get trusted wellness information?

These days I don’t really visit any too regularly, but naturalnews.com is always interesting & pretty cutting edge.

What’s your favorite natural beauty product?

Rosehip oil, I use it on my face, neck & chest, it’s really anti-aging, helps w/ scars & is super nourishing & gentle. Evanhealy’s Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum Blue is fabulous.

How do you manage stress?

Yoga, hiking, barefoot beach walks, time with my dog, cups of tea.

What do you do to stay active?

See ‘how do you manage stress’, minus the tea 🙂
I’ve also discovered cardio barre classes recently & love the combo of cardio ballet/dance, weights & stretching.

What is your favorite healthy LA restaurant?

There’s so many! Other than my usual longstanding suspects like Cafe Gratitude, Euphoria Loves Rawvolution, Planet Raw, Real Food Daily? I love the Venice Ale House for outdoor beachside eating at sunset & Gracias Madre has such a fancy & stylish atmosphere

What is a simple change people could make to improve their health?

I know it’s seen as a fad now, but try taking a break form gluten & dairy & see if you don’t feel lighter, have less inflammation & aches & pains, & clearer skin. Also drinking lots of good water & fresh organic vegi juices.

Any last words of wisdom?

Stay away from tap water as much as possible, use a shower filter to prevent absorption of chorine & fluoride, amongst other things, & drink spring water- since a few years I go once a month to collect over 20 gallons of spring water for drinking, find your local spring under findaspring.com, lately I’ve been going to Carlsbad Mineral Spring.


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