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gratz_classic_reformerAs in my other Pilates for pregnancy posts, I encourage you to listen to your body, listen to your doctor and listen to your own Pilates instructor, who knows your body and it’s strengths and limitations. You can read more about my approach to doing Pilates during pregnancy here and last week I shared my most recent mat workout routine. I wanted to share the Reformer workout I am currently doing at 23 weeks (I may not be doing full reps and some days I only do a handful of these).

Pregnancy is not a disease! Healthy pregnant women are strong and capable, so while we should surely be cautious during this time, as long as the woman feels good and is demonstrating a connection that keeps the exercises safe, then I think it’s good to continue to challenge the body and keep strength and flexibility.

Footwork– 3 springs

Hundred– with straps, curling up, legs 90 degrees. Other options: leaving the head down, keeping the knees bent, etc.

* I tried Short Spine today and while I did do it,  it was difficult to curl my back enough and lift my hips in order to pull the carriage all the way in. It felt like it was compressing my growing belly so I will start leaving this exercise out


Rowing Series

Long Box– seated pull straps

Long Stretch

Down Stretch


Long Back Stretch

Stomach Massage– 3 springs

Short Box Series– Round Back, Straight Back, Side to Side, Twist and Reach, Tree. Smaller range of motion; option would be to have the hands behind the head rather than hold the bar overhead.  Also did Side Sit-Ups here along with that glorious side stretch.


Chest Expansion– knees against the blocks

Thigh Stretch– small range

Arm Circles

Snake– This isn’t one I would give to a client unless they were super strong and had fantastic body awareness as it’s pretty intense, even pre-pregnancy but it honestly felt great.

Leg Circles/Frogs

Knee Stretches


Pelvic Lift

Front Splits

Russian Splits

I also added in two sets of 30 tricep dips, Press Ups on the Electric Chair, Standing Arm Springs and Half Hanging (in the fuzzies) on the Cadillac.


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