Our Studio

We are a fully equipped classical Pilates studio offering mat classes, privates and semi-private lessons in Beverly Hills, California. Owned and operated by Tiffany Stacey, Hummingbird Pilates honors the legacy of the method, created nearly a century ago by Joseph Pilates. Its founding principles are based on the idea that one can truly transform the body through dedicated and rigorous practice. So, whether working on the mat, the Reformer, or the Cadillac, our Pilates instructors guide you through challenging workouts that tighten the core, improve strength and flexibility, and, of course, make you look and feel great. We believe that the best results come from working with the highest quality equipment, which is why we are proud to use Gratz, the original Pilates equipment manufacturer.

At Hummingbird Pilates, Beverly Hills, we believe that Pilates is more than just a workout. Not only does Pilates tone and sculpt the body in noticeable ways, it also helps you to age gracefully, strengthening and stretching the muscles, while rejuvenating your entire system. It helps prevent injuries by enhancing the body’s balance and posture. And because Pilates is not hard on the body, but eases you into stronger and more secure positions, it is one of the few exercise regimens that you can begin at a young age and continue well into your mature years.

Ultimately, Pilates helps to empower the body, which in turn leads to greater self-confidence and an overall higher quality of life. We hope you’ll come into the studio and find out for yourself just how life-changing Pilates can be!




367 S. Dohney Drive
Beverly Hills, California, 90211