My Most Recent Thrive Market Order

thriveYou can check out my recent post about why I recommend www.thrive.com for pantry staples.

Here’s what I got in my latest order:

1. Jackson’s Honest chips (made with coconut oil vs other bad-for-you oils)

2. Earth Paste toothpaste (Fluoride free)

3. HimilaSalt Himalayan Salt

4. Traditional Medicinals chamomile tea (my fave!)

5. Tulsi green tea (I use this for making Kombucha)

6. Seventh Generation diapers (we use cloth diapers but these are good for travel or for when you didn’t get the wash done on time)

7. If You Care coffee filters

8. Wild Planet sardines (a cheap and easy way to get your DHA)

9. Primal Kitchen mayo (made with avocado oil, free of canola oil and soy- great for mixing with sardines!)

10. Really Raw Honey (I love that this has a layer of propolis, pollen and honeycomb on the top)

11. Tanka buffalo jerky (one of the few soy free jerkys I’ve found)

Other things I like to get on thrive are coconut oil, apple cider vinegar (for making bone broth and ceviche) and coffee. Also organic corn starch and baking soda for making deodorant.


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